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More Asan Beach Pictures

Here is a memorial citing the gallantry of the Marines who fought and won this beach and then liberated the entires island. The quotations are from the Commandant of the Marine Corps (1953-1955).

This memorial was place at Asan Beach in 1994 commemorating the 50-year anniversary of Guam's liberation and honors those off all services who fought on Guam.

This picture was taken during a different family trip and shows Asan Beach in the background.

Here is a picture looking into Asan from the beach. In the background you can see some houses and small businesses that are situated along Guam's major north-south road, Marine Drive.

If you are interested I have some more pictures elsewhere on my website. I have the Guam Tank Farm, which is an area that has a few American tanks leftover from the war and pictures from my re-enlistment taken on Tinian Island.