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More NAS Agana Pics

Here stands barracks 20. The concrete structures are still in pretty good shape. However, the paint is thin or gone in most places and the moisture and other elements will take their toll.
Barracks 20 lounge. The outline of the squadron logo can still be seen, "Helsuppron Five - Provider Country". There are a bunch of school desks piled along the wall. The barracks 19 lounge was filled with matteresses and was burned out.
"Covers are to be worn and salutes are to be rendered when transitng breezeway". Yes, it reads 'transitng'. I'll bet somebody got a Navy Achievement Medal for painting those throughout the breezeway.
NAS Agana Chow Hall main entrance.
Speed Line? Main Line? I don't remember. I can't believe somebody hasn't gotten in here to steal all this stainless steel. All of the cooking equipment in the back is gone.

On the occasions that we had to work all night I would spend the morning out on this balcony drinking a few beers to help me get to sleep - as if I needed any help.

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