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Hurricane Ivan

September 15-16, 2004

It took us about three months, but thanks to Rick (Christy's dad), my parents, Christy and some roofing work from friends at work, especially, Alex, we got it all back together. In fact, I'd say the house is in better shape now than before the storm.

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The first priority was getting the roof fixed. I bought 144 bundles of shingles that were h-e-a-v-y. I came up with the idea for the shingle elevator. Rick improved on my initial design ideas and here is what we came up with. It worked great. All it took was some 2x4's, rope, pulleys, and a red wagon.

Here is Rick demonstrating the shingle elevator.

Here are Rick and I working on the roof. It was some pretty hot work, but we got through it and several cases of Gatorade and water, too. Since the roof completion there has been several very hard rains and there hasn't been a drop of water leak in.
Here is the replacement fence. Hopefully, we won't have another hurricane directly hit us, but if we do, this one should allow the wind to blow through instead of falling down.
Rick did most of the drywall work, too. Here is a happy Christy pointing at her new ceiling in the dining room.
And here is how the dining room looks now. We even decided to go with hard wood floors instead of carpet.
Here is the finished kitchen. It looks much better without the ceiling and insulation on the floor I think.

Even the garage has gotten upgraded with the old kitchen cabinets, beer fridge and cable TV.

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