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A Visit to former Naval Air Station Agana

During the summer of 2003, myself and Casey Lulow were intrepid enough to venture to what I call the ruins of the former Naval Air Station Agana, Guam. Once called, "Gateway to the Orient", it can only be viewed as a gateway to nowhere. The area is now called Tiyan (tee-jan) and inhabited by a few Government of Guam entities. Overall, the place is in really bad shape.

Here is Casey Lulow, three tour HC-5 Sailor and now Chief, standing in front of the main entrance to the NAS Agana Chow Hall. Casey and I did our first tour together at HC-5, which was one of the commands aboard NAS Agana.
HC-5's old hangar is the one with the blue stripe. It withstood Typhoon Chatan and Supertyphoon Pongsona in 2002. In the foreground is the former VQ-1 hangar. The second typhoon last year completely blew the roof and hangar doors off. Only the concrete structure on either side of the hangar was intact.
The Gecko Club - now Guam's Department of Motor Vehicles. Many a Mongolian BBQ was cooked up in front of the club and enjoyed by myself.
The rows of barracks and the chow hall were connected by breezeways. We didn't have cable for almost my entire tour and the breezeways served as an outdoor lounge of sorts where a lot of beer was drank and conversation had.
Here's me where the beer machine used to be in my barracks. Yep, we had beer for 50 cents a can available 24 hours a day.
Believe it or not, this is the sidewalk from the chow hall to where the outdoor pool (filled in '85 or '86 I believe) was.
Another shot of the breezeway with a mailbox filled with garbage.

The base mini-mart.

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